Any property owner or person authorized in writing by the property owner or manager may impound an unauthorized vehicle. RCW 46.55.010 gives the definition of an unauthorized vehicle along with a chart of the time periods required before impounding. RCW 46.55.070 covers posting requirements for different types of properties. If you have your towing signs posted, or have property that is residential, you may tow immediately. If you do not have our towing signs posted, and the property is non-residential (apartments 4 units or more are considered non-residential) you must wait 24 hours before towing the vehicle. RCW 46.55.063 says that we must have a written towing contract with you before we can impound from your property. This written contract also acts as your list of persons you empower to authorize impounds. RCW 46.55.080 says that person authorizing the impound must be present at the time and place of the impound to sign an “Authorization to Impound”. If you need more information, please contact us, or you can check out RCW 46.55 and WAC 308-61 for the text of the law.